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AirBoss Rubber Solutions is more than just a rubber company. ARS is an industry leader in rubber manufacturing and compounding innovation.

That means we take what exists and make it better. Or, if we decide what exists isn’t good enough, we go back to the drawing board and create rubber solutions that meet and exceed market demand.

Continually raising the bar with cutting-edge compounds gives our customers an advantage and our engineers, technicians, and managers motivation to continue to think outside the box.

But innovation doesn’t just happen. Real business innovation, the kind that fuels change and shifts industries, happens when everyone from the boardroom to the factory floor is a part of the big picture.

Opening New Avenues Through Innovation

AirBoss started as a one-factory operation focusing on rubber production. The company has since evolved into a multi-faceted, industry-leading manufacturer and producer of custom rubber compounds and products used across the automotive, defense, and healthcare sectors.

Customer compounds used to be responsible for eighty percent of the annual business. AirBoss filled a need, and customers trusted us to create consistent compounds batch after batch.

Today, after years of innovative research and development, AirBoss is equally devoted to developing, producing, and bringing to market new technologies and products.

Filling a customer need is what a lot of companies do, and that’s a perfectly fine traditional path to success. But when you throw a little innovation into the formula, and a desire to create a better product or process, you start to build better worlds.

An Eco-Friendly Approach to Innovation

What sets AirBoss Rubber Solutions apart from the competition is a constant drive to not only reinvent the wheel (sometimes literally) but a desire to create a better world in doing so. This drive and desire to constantly re-asses rubber products and compounds has inevitably led AirBoss scientists down eco-friendly roads.

You can’t change the world overnight, but you can get closer with each step you take. At AirBoss, that means taking steps towards more sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions. Although rubber itself is a renewal resource, traditional rubber production is crude oil-based, and our engineers understand this process isn’t infinitely sustainable.

Our team is currently working to utilize eco-friendly alternatives—like soybean oil and wood pulp, and even carbon nanotubes—in certain viable compounds and products.

innovation at airboss

Innovation Starts with People, Clients, and Leaders

Good leaders know that companies are nothing without the people who help create a product or service. Similarly, clients are quick to catch on when a company—from the leadership to the employees—is united as one organization to design, produce, and market an idea.

At AirBoss Rubber Solutions, that idea is better rubber, from the chemical formulas to the finished products.

For you and your company, that idea could be anything, but it needs to be shared. Innovation is an exceptional flag behind which everyone in the company can rally. Create a better world, open new and exciting doors, and leave the competition in the dust when your team makes innovation a priority.

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