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Delivering solutions through superior formulations, optimized for your applications & manufacturing processes, coupled with unparalleled service and relationships.

The Power of AirBoss Rubber Solutions

We are AirBoss Rubber Solutions, a global leader in custom rubber compounding and rubber product manufacturing. We’ve pioneered advancements in rubber technologies for more than three decades, and our experts solve modern rubber challenges in ways that continue to influence the industry.

AirBoss Rubber Solutions manufactures customized rubber-based formulations used by automotive, heavy industry, construction & infrastructure, oil & gas, defense, and more.

Formulated to Meet Your Needs

Superior formulas optimized for your equipment. Longer-lasting rubber compounds to stretch your investment. Rapid, proactive service.

Full Service Supplier

From start to finish, one of our segment managers will serve as your internal advocate. They’ll get to know your product, facilities, and challenges so we can exceed expectations.


We identify the best recipe for your rubber compound, so we can manufacture it efficiently, deliver it on time, and help you get to market faster. Time after time.

Cutting Edge Rubber Compounds

Continually raising the bar with cutting-edge rubber compounds gives our customers a marketable advantage. Internal development programs as well as collaboration with Universities and product suppliers fuels this effort and sets us apart from others in the industry. (Tyromer, Swell Compounds, High Temp Silicone).

Exacting Specifications

Over the years we’ve assembled a development group that specializes in all market segments and existing polymer technologies. This provides our customers with a speed-to-market advantage and gives us the ability to dial in rubber compounds to exact specifications and end-use markets.

Custom Solutions

AirBoss Rubber Solutions is a full-service provider and offers custom solutions for formulation development, mixing technology, packaging, freight, and more. AirBoss is the industry leader in custom mixing, which means no request is too big or too small.

Optimized Performance

AirBoss Rubber Solutions not only develops rubber compounds for optimized performance but mixing technologies and processes as well. We understand that both are equally important to provide optimized processing performance in customer manufacturing environments as well as in end-use applications.

Yearly compound production capacity lbs / year


Custom created proprietary rubber compounds



AirBoss Rubber Solutions is a world leader in custom rubber mixing and converting with the capacity to process approximately 500 million turn pounds of rubber polymer compound annually. Technically advanced and focused on service excellence, we ensure your solution is customized for performance and optimized for your equipment.

AirBoss Rubber Solutions is the only rubber compounder you’ll ever need.

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As one of North America’s largest custom rubber compounding companies, AirBoss Rubber Solutions will help you meet your customized product manufacturing needs.

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