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Rubber Extrusion Compounding

AirBoss Rubber Solutions provides rubber extrusion solutions for a variety of applications.

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In the extrusion process of rubber, the compound will include polymers, various additives, and fillers such as curing agents, antioxidants and, pigments. That compound gets fed into an extruder. The extruder typically consisting of a rotating screw inside a closely-fitted heated barrel.

The die for the particular application has a machined opening in the desired shape of the part that needs to be extruded. The rubber already softened by heating is then forced by the rotating screw through the die opening into the shape of the profile cut in the die.

Subsequently, the processes of vulcanization or curing takes place as the last step in the extrusion process. This aids the rubber extruded profiles to maintain its shape and acquire necessary physical properties.

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