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Supplying superior formulas optimized for your equipment, longer-lasting compounds to stretch your investment, and rapid, proactive service.

AirBoss Rubber Solution Sectors

Tire & Track: Leading Formulas

You make great tires. We compound trouble-free formulas that ensure you stay at the leading edge of performance. AirBoss is the preferred supplier to the majority of North America’s largest tire and track manufacturers. For retreaders, our compound extends tire life.

Automotive: Value & Durability

AirBoss compound is used by the major OEM’s to absorb noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH), as well as various under-the-hood components, door seals and weather stripping. Our formulas meet rigorous testing standards for quality, consistency, and performance.

Energy & Oil: Proprietary Formulas

AirBoss is renowned for clean, consistent compounds that perform reliably under extreme conditions of heat and pressure. We work closely with our customers to formulate custom compounds to serve their needs that can ultimately be kept proprietary according to the wishes of the customer.

Building & Construction: Approved Performance

Our advanced recipes for waterworks, conduit seal, and elastomeric bridge bearing parts can give you an edge in the market. All AirBoss recipes comply with AWWA, UL, NSF, ASTM, CSA, and ASSHTO specifications.

Mining: Renowned Longevity

The mining industry relies on AirBoss. With exceptional dispersion, our abrasion-resistant compounds for truck liners and conveyor belts are ruggedly long lasting. Extend your investment. Avoid downtime.

Aerospace: Specialized & Consistent

With on-site quality testing labs, highly automated equipment, and an extensive staff of experienced chemists, our rubber compounding capabilities raise the performance bar — no matter how specialized your application, and whatever the size of your order.

Water Treatment: NSF Certified

All our recipes comply with AWWA, UL, ASTM, CSA, ASSHTO, and NSF specifications — including NSF Standard 61 for drinking water system components. We offer an inventory of hose, waterworks, and conduit seal recipes that could prove to be a superior alternative to your existing formulations. Raw material supply is assured.

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Rubber Compounds

By rapidly identifying and developing the best recipe for your compound, manufacturing it efficiently, and delivering it on time, we help you get to market faster. Time after time.

Our compounding includes:

Bridge Pad Compounds, Butyl (IIR) (BIIR) (CIIR) Rubber Compounding, CBRN, Rubber Compounding, Compression Molding Rubber Compounding, CPE Rubber Compounding, CSM Rubber Compounding, Elastomeric Rubber Compounding, EPDM Rubber Compounding, FKM Rubber Compounding, HNBR Rubber Compounding, IR Rubber Compound, Natural Rubber Compounding, Nitrile Buna-N Rubber Compounding, NSF Rubber Compounding, Rubber Extrusion Compounding, Stator Tube Rubber Compounding, Styrene-Butadiene SBR Rubber Compounding, Synthetic Rubber Compounding

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