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Companies spend valuable time and resources trying to create a more innovative business, and many succeed

Sometimes, that innovation manifests in the form of a new, game-changing product. Most of the time, business innovation is a combination of company practices and policies that create an overall innovative approach to everyday tasks and tactics.

At AirBoss Rubber Solutions, we believe innovation is critical to success. That’s why we strive to design, produce and bring to market rubber compounds and products that continue to change the game.

Companies can open new doors and create profitable opportunities when innovation is instilled as a driving force behind which everyone in the company can rally.

Tips for Business Innovation

Business innovation doesn’t happen overnight. Fortunately, that just means you should start taking steps today if you want a future where innovation is valued and put into practice.

Foster Innovation Within the Company

All Employees benefit when a business prioritizes innovation as a company-wide goal. Knowing that your business strives to be the best at what you do is a badge of honor that can be worn proudly by everyone at the company.

Create an Open Channel of Communication

Open communication makes or breaks most businesses. That may sound oversimplified, but business communication channels and a comfort to utilize those channels is the only way little ideas become big realities. It’s important to create communication avenues through which innovation can travel freely and easily.

Ask the Right Questions

“How can I make more money” isn’t the first question you should be asking if you want to make innovation a priority. Instead, approach big picture business questions from a challenge/opportunity perspective to drive innovation. What does the market need? What does the market have that you can improve? How can your product or service provide a solution to a consumer challenge? These are the questions you should be asking.

Leadership at AirBoss understands just how much an innovative environment can change the way you do business. We’ve grown from a small rubber production company to a world leader in custom rubber compounding and product manufacturing. This is all thanks to an innovative spirit and a desire to create a better product and process.

Our latest innovation is our most ground-breaking yet.

AirBoss Innovation

AirBoss Innovates with DuraBoss

AirBoss of America Corp. has long been a market leader in off-road heavy tire retreads and rubber compounds. As such, our compounds and retread tires are used extensively in commercial mining operations around the world, and we work to ensure performance and durability are second to none.

DuraBoss, our new breakthrough in rubber durability, is our way of solving an industry challenge to save customers time and money. Our AirBoss compound was already the best in the industry for retread tires, but our drive to innovate told us more could be done.

Through research and development efforts backed by years of collected data from the field, our scientists and engineers saw an opportunity to make an existing product better. And that’s just what we did.

DuraBoss compounds are designed to increase the durability of retread tires to 100% of the original tire lifespan. What’s more, DuraBoss exceeds traditional industry standards for mold cure, hot groove, and veneer and repair gum applications.

We saw an opportunity—room for performance and durability improvement—and we answered by letting our engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts create a superior product. And we got there by fostering company-wide innovation and asking the right questions.

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